ExtJS 5 , Using Sencha Command

Sencha ExtJS 5 , using Sencha Cmd in Wamp directory

Sencha ExtJS 5 is very powerfull javascript framework , you can start to build your first application by using scafolding feature. what you need to do is download sencha cmd 5 for windows.

In this case i am using Wamp Server , so the folder should be generated in wamp\www after i run the command

1. Download sencha extjs 5.0.1 gpl

2. Extract the zip file in any location for example i will extract it in D:\

3. Install the Sencha Cmd 5 , by default it will be installed in C:\users\administrator\bin\sencha

4. Go to start –> Cmd (to open your windows command prompt)

5. use this command bellowed

C:\Users\Administrator>sencha -sdk d:ext-5 generate app Aplikasiku d:\wamp\www\ext5-aplikasiku

aplikasiku is your scaffolding application name , ext5-applikasiku is your web application folder

the process will be looked like this …

Sencha Cmd v5.1.2.52
[INF] Processing Build Descriptor : default
[INF] Loading app json manifest…
[INF] Appending content to d:\wamp\www\ext5-aplikasiku/bootstrap.js
[INF] Writing content to d:\wamp\www\ext5-aplikasiku/bootstrap.json

That’s it, your startup application is ready to access by using your localhost path address




Hery Purnama

Freelance IT Trainer



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